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Almost two decades of experience support Attorney Charlene Seda. Her academic preparation, proven integrity, and work experience have made her one of the best immigration attorneys in the country.

She graduated as a Lawyer from the prestigious Catholic University of Ponce, Puerto Rico, and has a Master's Degree in International Law, with a specialty in Immigration, from the University of Miami, Florida.

Attorney Charlene Seda values ​​each person who places their trust in Central Florida Immigration Attorneys to bring their case to fruition in the complex American immigration system.

Her best presentation is transparency with clients, to whom she solves every doubt, exposes their chances of success in a simple and didactic way. Attorney Seda takes each case with conviction, teaming up with the client with a clear goal: a positive outcome that will change theirs and their family’s lives.

Her closeness to the migrant community has given her an understanding of their reasons, fears, and hopes; and awareness of the contributions of migrants to the country, in terms of work and culture.

Attorney Charlene Seda has a comprehensive understanding of the immigration system, having served as Adjudicating Officer with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. With this experience, serving the clients of Central Florida Immigration Attorneys, gives them an unmatched advantage, which is evident in the results.

Dedicated to Defending Your Freedom & Rights

Why Choose Central Florida Immigration Attorneys
  • Exceptional Experience

    Attorney Charlene Seda & Attorney Alejandro Seda have over 20 years of combined experience. They are both graduates from the prestigious Universidad Católica de Ponce, Puerto Rico and both received Masters from the University of Miami School of Law.

  • USCIS Experience

    Attorney Charlene Seda previously worked in USCIS - United States Citizenship & Immigration Services. She knows the system from the inside and knows what she has to do in order to set up your immigration case for success.

  • Clear Communication

    We strive to be accessible to our clients. We want to make sure we follow up and share the status of your case so that we are all on the same path.

  • Transparent Expectations

    You can trust us from the moment you walk into our office. We will let you know exactly what we can and cannot do for your case. We want to set up clear expectations from day one.

We Offer You the Tools to Understand Your Case & Resolve Your Immigration Status

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